Five Free and Simple GIF Animator Creator

If you want to create an animated gif from a sequence of static images, read through the following free applications, all of them have been tested on my machine and worked well.

1, UnFREEz

UnFREEz is a free, simple, portable and open source GIF creator for Windows developed by Matt Whitlock.

Free Open Source GIF Animator Maker

UnFREEz is deadly easy to operate, to use it just drag n drop static image files in gif format from Windows Explorer into UnFREEz, specify the frame delay time( in centiseconds ), then press the “Make Animated GIF” button to let it create the animated gif image file for you.

UnFREEz works on most popular Windows platforms including Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.

UnFREEz is a 19.5KB download available from

2, Xylem AnimateGif

Xylem AnimateGif

This is a portable and light gif animation creator which can be used to create animated gif from jpeg/jpg/png/gif files, it gives you the option to control the image quality and frame delay of the final file. Xylem AnimateGif works on all Windows OSes.

Go ahead and get it from direct download link ) or Softpedia.

3, Glitter Frame GIF Maker

Glitter Frame GIF Maker

It enables you add animated frames to a static photo, which means that only the frames around the picture is animated, the photo you specified is static.

It ships with 10 predefined animated frames, but you can get more frames freely from

Glitter Frame GIF Maker supports most common 32-bit Windows operating systems. You can download it from

4, SSuite Office Gif Animator

SSuite Office Gif Animator

The free and portable application allows users to generate animated gif from sequences of static images in jpg, jpeg or bmp format, you can specify the interval between frames in milliseconds, and view the output gif in a built-in gif player.

It works on all Windows systems.

It’s a free download available from CNET and Softpedia

5, PhotoScape


Alternatively, you can also create animated gif file with PhotoScape, an incredible free photo manipulation and conversion application.

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