Free Open Source Folder Sync Software

PathSync is a lightweight folder synchronization freeware developed by Cockos Inc, it’s easy to use and does things fast, it’s a nice idea to keep a copy on your USB drive.

If you are hunting for an alternative to FreeFileSync / SyncBack / SyncToy / Toucan, PathSync is designed for you.

Feature List of PathSync

  • Open source. You can find the c++ source code under the installation folder.
  • Lightweight. The size of installer is only 123KB.
  • Allows you include or exclude files/folders by filename mask.
  • Enable logging to an output file.
  • Tells you which files will be copied, how many files and the total size of them.
  • Allows you select multiple files in the list, and change the action( Local to Remote, Remote to Local, or No Action ) through the right button context menu.
  • Shows you Elapsed Time and Time Remaining during the synchronization.

You can use PathSync as a replacement for FreeFileSync / SyncBack / SyncToy / Toucan.

One of the only drawbacks to PathSync is that it can not copy files that are currently in use.

PathSync supports Windows XP / Windows 7 / 2000 / 2003 / 98 / NT.

Download PathSync from CNET or the publisher’s website.

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