Free MIDI to MP3 Converter Software

Free MIDI to MP3 Converter is a free and simple audio conversion utility that allows you to convert MIDI( Musical Instrument Digital Interface ) files to MP3 format.

Free MIDI to MP3 Converter Software

Free MIDI to MP3 Converter is very simple and there are no any variable you can tweak, to use it, just drag and drop MIDI files from Windows explorer or your desktop to the main window, then hit the “Convert to MP3″ button to let it perform the conversions.

However, the audio quality of the output mp3 file is a bit poor.

It’s a good idea to play the midi music files with WinAMP or Windows Media Player, then record the audio stream and save it to MP3/WAV/OGG/WMA format with Free Sound Recorder – an excellent free sound recording utility.

What is MIDI?

MIDI is an industry-standard protocol that enables electronic musical instruments (synthesizers, drum machines), computers and other electronic equipment (MIDI controllers, sound cards, samplers) to communicate and synchronize with each other. Unlike analog devices, MIDI does not transmit an audio signal — it sends event messages about pitch and intensity, control signals for parameters such as volume, vibrato and panning, cues, and clock signals to set the tempo. As an electronic protocol, it is notable for its widespread adoption throughout the music industry. MIDI protocol was defined in 1982. ( From Wikipedia )

Free MIDI to MP3 Converter works on most popular Windows platforms including Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.

Free MIDI to MP3 Converter is a 7.6MB download available from CNET, Softpedia and the developer’s website.

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