FreeMat – Free MATLAB Alternative

FreeMat is, as its name suggests, a free and open source clone of the commercial product – MATLAB. It’s a numerical computing environment for scientific processing and rapid engineering, it supports Fast Fourier Transform, 2D/3D graphics plotting and visualization, and parallel processing.

free alternative to MATLAB

FreeMat has the most features of MATLAB – in terms of numerical computing field, and has a similar user interface to MATLAB. FreeMat is cross-platform, it works on Windows 7, Windows XP / Vista / 2000 / NT / 9X / Me, as well as Mac OS X and Linux.

Feature List

  • Codeless interface to external C/C++/FORTRAN code.
  • Full support for dynamic structure arrays.
  • Supports function pointers (eval and feval are fully supported).
  • Supports classes, operator overloading.
  • N-dimensional array manipulation (by default, N is limited to 6)
  • Support for 8 / 16 / 32 / 64 bit integer types (signed and unsigned), 32 and 64 bit floating point types, and 64 and 128 bit complex types.
  • Built in arithmetic for manipulation of all supported data types.
  • Support for solving linear systems of equations via the divide operators.
  • Eigenvalue and singular value decompositions.
  • Full control structure support (including, for, while, break, continue, etc.).
  • 2D plotting and image display.
  • 3D Plotting and visualization via OpenGL.
  • Heterogeneous array types (called “cell arrays” in MATLAB-speak) fully supported.
  • Arbitrary-size FFT support.
  • Pass-by-reference support (an IDL feature).
  • Keyword support (an IDL feature).
  • Native Windows / Mac OS X support.
  • Native sparse matrix support.
  • Parallel processing with MPI (in the FreeMat development versions).
  • Handle-based graphics.

Download FreeMat for Windows from CNET.

Download FreeMat for Mac OS X / Linux from SourceForge.

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