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Ulead GIF Animator is a powerful utility which allows to create animated gif image from sequences of static images, however it’s not a freeware. Falco GIF Animator is a small piece of software which can be used as an alternative to Ulead GIF Animator, it’s free and won’t cost you a cent.

Free GIF Animator, GIF|ICO|CUR|ANI Editor

Using Falco GIF Animator, you can create new animated gif( Graphics Interchange Format ) image from scratch, or open and edit existing gif files. Each frame is listed in a panel, you can add, delete, highlight, edit each frame easily.


  • Supported input image formats: gif, psd, ico, cur, ani, tga, targa, tif, tiff, icl, exe, dll, pdd, png, bmp, jpg, pcd.
  • Supported target image formats: gif, ico, cur, ani, jpg, png, bmp, tga, targa, tif, tiff, icl.
  • 5 color modes available: indexed 2 colors, indexed 16 colors, indexed 256 colors, RGB true color, ARGB xp color.
  • Image improvements: van gogh, cubism, erode, cartoon, red eye remover, advanced emboss, soft glow, whirl & pinch, neon, video, motion blur, super nova, oilify.
  • Effects: noise reduce, adjust brightness/contrast/color/HSB, blur image, invert colors, gray scale, sharpen, emboss, mosaic, contour, contrast filter, prewitt, sobel, laplas, mask, border, color filter, set perspective, set noise, set RGB noise, replace color, set transparency, waves, ripple, wind.
  • Rectangle selection tool, ellipse selection tool, lasso selection tool, free lasso tool, scissor tool, hue selection tool, color selection tool, erase tool, fill tool, spray tool, stamp tool, pencil tool, brush, line, blur, text tool, rectangle tool, ellipse tool, filled ellipse tool, filled rectangle tool, gradient fill tool.
  • Support 32 bit png/bmp format.
  • Plus many more.

Falco GIF Animator works on most major Windows platforms.

Falco GIF Animator is a 22MB download available from the developer’s website.

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