Free Firefox Password Recovery Software for Windows 7 & XP

Mozilla Firefox browser allows you save usernames and passwords in your profile for later use, but if you forget your password on Facebook / Twitter / Google / Yahoo / Digg, and you desire to log into these websites using Google Chrome / Opera / Safari or other web browsers, PasswordFox may help you.

PasswordFox is a handy and portable freeware which gives you the power to show all passwords stored in Firefox, it is available in multiple languages, and supports launching from command line.

freeware to recover firefox saved passwords

As you can see, PasswordFox could retrieve almost any passwords saved in Firefox, anyone else could steal your accounts with PasswordFox! It’s not a good habit to let Firefox auto save your critical user names and passwords.

Windows 7 users could use BitLocker to encrypt hard drives, Windows XP / Mac / Linux users could use TrueCrypt to create an encrypted partition, then move your Firefox profile to this partition, after you’ve shutdown your computer, no one could steal your passwords anymore.

Operating systems supported by PasswordFox: Windows 7, Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 / Vista.

Download it from CNET or

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