3 Free CHM Reader, CHM Viewer

CHM is one of the most popular eBook formats presently, although you can read chm documents in Windows with the Microsoft HTML Help Executable( hh.exe ) shipped with Windows, it does not offer you the option to zoom in / out or customize the font, so you might need a third-party chm reader.

1, xCHM

Free CHM Reader for Windows, Mac OS X

xCHM is a free, lightweight, open source and cross-platform chm viewer which is built upon CHMLIB, it allows you to browse a chm file through the contents tree or index, where it excels is that it allows to customize the font family and font size of both normal font and fixed font.

xCHM supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, its Windows edition is portable.

xCHM is a free download available from SourceForge.net.

2, ExtraChm

Free CHM Viewer for Windows 7 and Windows XP

ExtraChm is a Windows program created to view chm file, it allows to zoom in or out the view, increase or decrease the font size, bookmark current page or selected text, save current page as html or text file, decompile the entire file to individual html pages.

ExtraChm works on most popular versions of Windows including but not limited to Windows 7, Windows XP, it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

ExtraChm is a 2.52MB download available from CNET and http://www.extrachm.com/.

3, Kchmviewer

Kchmviewer is a free and open source chm( Microsoft Compiled HTML Help ) viewer and converter, using it you can open, browse, print any chm file and convert it to separate html files.

Free Open Source CHM Reader, CHM to HTML Converter


  • Allow to increase or decrease font size.
  • Allow to navigate to previous / next chapter, previous / next location or home page with a single click.
  • Bookmarks manipulation( add, edit, delete ).
  • Extract chm content to individual html pages.
  • Full text search.
  • Tab browsing.
  • Full screen reading.
  • Supported encoding types: CP1252, UTF-8, UTF-16, CP1258, TIS-620, eucKR, CP1253, CP1256, etc.
  • Embedded html source viewer.
  • When you clicked an external link, you can let it to open it in an external internet browser, ask for confirmation or do not open the link.
  • Plus many more.

Kchmviewer supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Kchmviewer is a free download available from SourceForge.

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