Free and Open Source Registry Snapshot Comparison Software

Regshot is a free, open source, portable and slim utility that allows to take multiple snapshots of Windows registry and show the difference between them with only a few clicks.

Free and Open Source Registry Snapshot Comparison Software

Using Regshot is very intuitive and simple, you can hit the “1st shot” button to take a snapshot of registry, optionally, you can save the snapshot to an external file on your hard disk for later use, then you could install or uninstall some programs which may modify the registry, then press the “2nd shot” button, after the second snapshot have been taken, click the “compare” button to let regshot perform a comparison between the first snapshot and the second snapshot, after a few seconds regshot will open a text file to show the changed registry entries including the Keys deleted, Keys added, Keys modified, Values deleted, Values added, Values modified.

You can also export the registry to an external file with any registry editor tool such as Windows registry editor, then compare them with the file comparison software like WinMerge and KDiff3.

Regshot works on all 32-bit Windows including Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Regshot and its source code( which is written in C language ) are available for free download from

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