Free and Open Source Registry Editor

If you have trouble launching the Windows registry editor when your computer is infected by viruses, chances are that a third-party registry editor will help you. NtRegEdit is a free, open source, portable and handy utility that allows to browse, edit, import and export registry entries.

Can Not Run Regedit? Why Not Use This Free and Open Source Registry Editor


  • Allows to create, copy, delete, rename, find/search normal and hidden registry keys.
  • Allows to create Binary, DWORD, Expand-String, Multi-String, String and QWORD values.
  • Import to and export from reg/neg files.
  • View the permission of a specified key.
  • It uses native registry APIs( such as NtCreateKey, NtOpenKey, NtFlushKey, NtDeleteKey, NtQueryKey, NtEnumerateKey, NtSetValueKey, NtSetInformationKey, NtQueryValueKey, NtEnumerateValueKey, NtDeleteValueKey, NtRenameKey, NtQueryMultipleValueKey, NtNotifyChangeKey, NtRestoreKey, NtSaveKey, NtLoadKey, NtLoadKey2, NtReplaceKey, NtUnloadKey ) to view, enumerate and manipulate registry entries.

NtRegEdit is a 394KB download available from Get a free account without registration ).

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