Free Large Text/Hex File Editor & Viewer

WxHexEditor is a free, open source, portable and cross-platform hex/text editor developed by Erdem U. Altinyurt, its editing function is very simple, where it really shines is that it provides users the power to open huge/big/large files up to 2EB instantly, meanwhile, it takes only 10MB of memory!

Free and Open Source Large Text/Hex File Editor/Viewer for Windows/Mac/Linux


  • Allows to open and manipulate files up to 2 ExaBytes( 2 million terabytes, or 2GB * 1 billion ).
  • Small memory footprint.
  • Allows to open and edit hard drive sectors and RAM device( this feature does not work on Windows ).
  • Allows to open files in 3 different mode: Read only, Writable, Direct write.
  • Find and replace text string and hex string.
  • Built-in data interpreter.

WxHexEditor works on 64-bit Windows and all 32-bit Windows like Windows 7 and Windows XP, it also supports Mac OS X and Linux.

WxHexEditor is a 1.2MB download available from

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