Free and Open Source Fractal Snow Screensaver

FractalSnow is a free and beautiful snow screensaver developed by Tomas Petricek, each snowflake has 6 fractal branches, the beauty of symmetry, math and fractal make the scene rendered by this handy program very amazing.

Free and Open Source Fractal Snow Screensaver


  • Allows to customize a wide range of variables: number of flakes, stop falling( pixel from bottom ), snow flake colour, minimum and maximum falling speed, minimum and maximum flake size, fluency and start value of melting, changing and force of wind.
  • Allows to set background to a customizable solid color, a customizable gradient color, or a image you specified( jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, tif, tiff ).
  • Allows to tweak the fractal depth, branch angle, branching, shrinking.
  • 2 flake types available: LineType, PointType.

FractalSnow works on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows XP, etc.

FractalSnow is a 339KB download available from You must log on to download it, get a free account from Bugmenot. ).

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