Free and Open Source File Copy Utility

Copy Handler is a free and open source file copy program that provides users the power to manage and accelerate the file copying and moving process.

Free and Open Source File Copy Utility


  • Allows to pause, resume, cancel, restart the file copying process.
  • Allows to customize the buffer size according to the source and destination device type: default, for copying with cd-rom use, for copying inside one disk boundary, for copying between two different disks, for copying with network use.
  • Include / Exclude files with wildcard characters.
  • Filter files by size.
  • Filter files by date: date of creation, date of last write, date of last access.
  • Filter files by attributes: read only, system, hidden, archive.
  • ( Normal/Force ) shutdown Windows after copying/moving process is finished.
  • It’s extremely well-integrated with Windows Explorer.

Copy Handler works on most popular Windows platforms like Windows 7 and Windows XP, and supports 32-bit as well as 64-bit systems.

Copy Handler is a 5.94MB download available from SourceForge.

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