Free and Open Source eBook( EPUB, FB2, CHM ) Reader Software for Windows / Android / Linux

CoolReader is a free, open source, good-looking, portable and cross-platform eBook reader/viewer program developed by Vadim Lopatin, it offers you the ability to read your favorite books on both handheld and desktop devices.

Free and Open Source eBook Reader Software for Windows / Android / Linux


  • Supported formats include: FB2 books( fb2, – FictionBook ), Text files( txt ), Rich text( rtf ), Html files( htm, html ), EPUB files( epub – electronic publication ), Chm files( chm ), Zip archives( zip ).
  • 7 themes available: Windows, Windows XP, Vista, Motif, CDE, Plastique, Cleanlooks.
  • Allows to customize page margins, interline spacing, view mode( one page, two pages, scroll view ), text color, text font and size, page skin, background colour, hyphenation.
  • Full text search.
  • Supports full screen mode.
  • Zoom in or zoom out with +/- key.
  • Allows to rotate page.
  • Bookmark management.
  • Navigate to previous/next page/line/chapter with keyboard shortcuts.

CoolReader works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Android, Linux, etc.

CoolReader is a 5.47MB download available from

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