Free and Open Source ASCII Art Generator

AsciiArtGen is a free, lightweight and open source utility designed to generate text-based colored ascii art or grayscale ascii art from image files. To use it just download and extract the zip file, then double click this file: “AsciiArtGenGui\bin\Release\AsciiArtGen.exe”.

Free and Open Source ASCII Art Generator


  • Source file formats supported: bmp, gif, jpg, png, tif.
  • Allows to specify which symbols should be used to plot the ASCII art: use alphabets, use numbers, use basic symbols( non-unicode symbols, font-independent brightness ), use extended symbols, use block symbols( unicode symbols: blocks, pipe, etc. ).
  • Anti-Aliasing using multiple font colors: black, brown, gray, orange, red, blue, green, white.
  • Allows to specify character set and the font size.
  • Allows to export to plain text only or html text.
  • Allows to select anti-alias down-scaling factor.

colored ascii art & grayscale ascii art Generator

In my opinion, Ascii Generator 2.0 is better than AsciiArtGen.

AsciiArtGen works on Windows 7 and Windows XP.

AsciiArtGen is a 64.3KB download available from CodeProject. ( You must log in before you can download it, feel free to get a free account from bugmenot. )

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