Free Alarm Clock Software for Windows

Free Alarm Clock is a free and handy alarm clock program, you can use it to add multiple clocks and set them to alarm on specific time, letting it remind you to have a rest, go to bed, check out the email, do regular backup of important files, etc.

Free Alarm Clock Software


  • Add as many alarms as you want.
  • Add, enable, disable, edit, clone, delete alarms.
  • Save the configuration for later use.
  • Play the specified music with the predefined volume when wake up, it ships with 13 different sounds including Alarm1, Alarm2, Alarm3, Alarm4, Bells1, Bells2, Birds, Christmas, Cuckoo, Electricity, Flute, Phone, SleighBells.
  • Play the sound repeatedly.
  • Wake up the machine from the sleep mode, turn on the monitor automatically.
  • Multi-language user interface: English, French, German, Catalan, Danish, Nederlands, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, do Brasil, Russian.

Free Alarm Clock works on most major Windows OSes, and supports 32 bit & 64 bit systems.

Free Alarm Clock is a 1.54MB download available from CNET and Softpedia.

Although this utility is well designed, easy to use and useful, I personally do not think that it’s a necessary program, because Stickies is a free post-it desktop notes software which allows to set any sticky to alarm on any date and time, it allows to set recurring alarm clock, play sound on sticky wake, and do many more things.

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