Free 3D Room Design Software Download( Windows, Mac )

Sweet Home 3D is a free, open source and easy to use home design software which allows you design your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room easily. You could use it to create rooms, walls, doors, windows and add all kinds of furniture, you can get the result in real time, it allows you render the scene( including shadows and lights ) with global illumination technique to a high quality image.

Free 3D Home Design Software

Sweet Home 3D is deadly easy to operate, first you should scan and import your home blueprint as background image, then create a room, you can click the menu item “Create walls” under “Plan” to add a wall, click at an arbitrary start point in the top right view then move mouse to extend the wall, click again to add a corner, double click to finish extending.

Then you could expand the tree view of 3d models, drag and drop a 3d model to the scene. You could see all changes made to your room in the perspective view instantly.

Interior Design Freeware

Sweet Home 3D ships with the following 3D model objects: Bath, Fitted Bath, Shower, Toilet unit, Washbasin, Washbasin with cabinet, Bedside table, Bunk bed, Chest, Corner bunk bed, Crib, Double bed, Loft double bed, Single bed, Sliding doors, Wardrobe, Door, Door frame, Double French window, Double-hung window, Double small window, Double window, five panes window, Fixed window, French window, Garage door, Open door, Service hatch, Slider window, Small window, Window, Clothes washer, Cooker, Dishwasher, Fridge, Fridge & Freezer, Kitchen cabinet, Sink, Aquarium, Armchair, Bar stool, Bookcase, Chair, Coffee table, Computer workstation, Corner sofa, Corner workstation, Desk, Dresser, Fireplace, Glass-door cabinet, Piano, Plant, Rectangular table, Round table, Sofa, Square coffee table, Square table, Stool, Table, TV unit, Box, Curtain, Curtain rod, Curve staircase, Cylinder, Electric radiator, Railing, Rounded edges railing, Spiral staircase, Staircase, Venetian blind, Workbench.

It also allows you import your own furniture from the following formats: obj( wavefront ), lws( lightwave scene ), 3ds( 3d studio max ), dae( collada ).

For each model, Sweet Home 3D allows you modify its size( width, height, depth ) / color / texture, or translate / rotate / scale it.

Finally, you could render the scene to a photo or video, print it out, or export it to obj file format and continue editing it with 3DS max, softimage, lightwave, maya, etc.

Sweet Home 3D supports Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux.

Download Sweet Home 3D for Windows from CNET.

Download Sweet Home 3D for Mac OS X or Linux from sourceforge.

Download 3D models libraries.

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