Free 2D CAD Software( DWG Editor )[ AutoCAD Alternative ]

DraftSight is a free, cross-platform, professional level design, drafting, engineering and architectural sketching application that allows to create, open, save, edit and view DWG, DXF, DWT files, you can use it as an alternative to Autodesk AutoCAD.

Free 2D CAD Software( DWG Editor ) for Windows/Mac/Linux[ AutoCAD Alternative ]


  • Zoom in or out with Ctrl + mouse wheel.
  • Pan with middle mouse button.
  • Draw Line, Infinite Line, Rich Line, Ray, 3D PolyLine, PolyLine, Polygon, Rectangle, Sketch, Arc, Circle, Ring, Spline, Ellipse, Point, Block, Table, Bound Area, Hatch/Fill, Region, Mask, Text, Shape, Mesh( 2D Solid ), 3D Face, 3D Mesh, Tabulated, Edge, Ruled, Revolved ).
  • Create, show, hide, freeze, lock, unlock, isolate, unisolate, activate, delete, thaw layers.
  • Modify selected entries, the available tools include: copy, delete, mirror, move, offset, pattern, rotate, scale, stretch, chamfer, fillet, split at point, split, weld, extend, trim, edit hatch, display order, edit polyline, explode.
  • Mouse gestures.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Well documented, it has a 186-page getting started guide pdf document which covers the fundamental skills and a strong foundation for advancement. Even if you have no CAD experience, you’ll be able to get started right away.
  • 5 units systems available: Scientific, Decimal, Engineering, Architectural, Fractional.
  • Export to bmp, emf, jpg, pdf, png, sld, svg( Scalable Vector graphics Format ), tif, stl( Stereolithography ) files.
  • And many more…

DraftSight supports Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux.

DraftSight is a 55.4MB download available from the developer’s website.

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