Five Best Bandwidth Limiter/Shaper Software

Microsoft Windows is a multithreaded operating system, it’s the most popular one now, but it lacks many important features, such as built-in MD5 checksum calculation, memory management( it does not deal with memory fragmentation ), as well as bandwidth limiting/balancing. If you are running a heavy download / watching online movies / listening online music, you may get high ping value and can’t browse web pages / play online games smoothly. You have to download and install third party applications which can get things done for you.

1, NetLimiter Pro( $29.95 )

Bandwidth Limiter Software

NetLimiter Pro allows you measure and limit download and upload bandwidth for each program or IP address range, it supports filters, rule editor and scheduler as well as zone editor.

It can also display traffic statistics history for you.

Operating systems supported: Windows 7, Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 / 2008 / Vista. ( 32 bit + 64 bit )

Download it from

2, NetVeda Safety.Net( Free )

Bandwidth Shaper Software

Safety.Net is a personal firewall, it allows you set the traffic rate according to the protocols: TCP Traffic, UDP Traffic, Chat, FTP, FTP Server, POP3 Client/Server, Telnet, Web, DHCP Client/Server IMAP 4 Client/Server, DNS Client/Server, SMTP Client/Server, etc. The speed limited is a little not accurate.

You must check the network adapters you are using under the Configuration tab to enable traffic limiting.

Operating systems supported: Windows XP / 9X / Me / 2000 / NT. Windows 7 is not supported.

Download it from CNET. Product homepage: NetVeda Safety.Net.

3, NetPeeker( $25 )

Traffic Shaper Software

NetPeeker gives you the ability to monitor / limit / log / analyze / capture network traffic, it supports creating speed limit rules based on programs, IP addresses, port numbers, http urls, DNS names, as well as protocol types.

Operating systems supported: Windows 7, Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 / 2008 / Vista.

Download it from eMing Software Inc.

4, NetBalancer( Free )

NetBalancer free edition is the only one free bandwidth limiter which supports Windows 7. It’s easy to use and customize, you can use it to limit all system traffic or only those applications you specified, it can display and control both incoming( download ) and outgoing( upload ) traffic for every processes in real time, set upload/download network priority for any process.

Operating systems supported: Windows 7, Windows XP/ 2003 / Vista. ( 32 bit + 64 bit )

Download it from CNET or SeriousBit. Product homepage: NetBalancer. You can also get the professional version which costs $24.95.

5, cFosSpeed( $19.90 )

prioritize your bandwidth easily

cFosSpeed probably is the most powerful bandwidth limiter for Windows, you can use it as an alternative to NetLimiter.

cFosSpeed can prioritize the bandwidth of Foobar, MPlayer, Joost, Last FM, VLC Media Player, Orbit Downloader, Chrome, Google Earth, Skype, Opera, iPhone, Teamspeak and any other programs. cFosSpeed runs with DSL, Cable, WLAN, CDMA2000, UMTS, WCDMA, Modem, ISDN, broadband mobile (2G / 3G).

How to add a new program/application for prioritizing: Click the tray icon and select Options->Settings, then click Programs in the Preferences window, enter the full path filename of the file, for instance: C:\Users\diggfreeware\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\ Application\chrome.exe, enter the tx limit value and press Add. ( RX means receive, download, incoming. TX means transmitting, upload, outgoing )

Operating systems supported: Windows 7, Windows XP/ 2003 / 2008 / Vista. ( 32 bit + 64 bit )

Download it from CNET or cFos. Product homepage: cFosSpeed.

Mac users please refer to this article: Throttling Bandwidth On A Mac.

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