FBackup – Free Backup Software for Windows 7 & XP

FBackup is a very simple and easy to use backup program, it’s free for anyone, you could do regular backup with it.

You must create a backup job first, FBackup does not give you many options to choose, so feel free to choose the advanced mode, then you could go backward and forward and modify the settings freely, it allows you backup your files to local hard drive / external hard disk / usb flash drive / network, exclude files by filter( it excludes temporary files by default ), compress backup files, encrypt backup file, etc. After you have created the backup job, you could modify it by clicking the Properties button on the toolbar.

You should choose the MIRROR backup type if you don’t want to zip files. Mirror backup just copy all files from source device to destination device directly, it does not copy files from destination device to source device. Full backup will compress all files to a zip archive.

FBackup supports incremental backup, when you use it to backup files next time, it will only copy the new added files and changed files.

FBackup copies files using Microsoft Shadow Copy Service, this means that it could copy the opened files and locked files.

FBackup supports Multilingual User Interface, scheduler backup, and can export backup log for you, it even support plugins.

FBackup is not as good as syncbackpro, however it’s free of charge for any personal and commercial use.

FBackup is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Download FBackup from CNET or the developer’s website.

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