Excellent Portable Random Password Generator & Password Strength Checker

CPGP( Cyberx Password Generator Pro ) is a free and portable program devoted to creating high security password and checking the strength of given password. Almost all functions can be invoked via the right button context menu and keyboard shortcuts.

Free Portable Random Password Generator & Password Strength Checker for Windows 7 and XP


  • No installation needed.
  • Supports generating password up to 128 character.
  • Prevent from the repetition of the same character.
  • Allows to exclude hesitating characters such as i, O, I, l, ‘, “, 0, etc.
  • Allows to customize the character set( Lowercase, Uppercase, Numbers, Special symbols ).
  • Built-in password strength evaluator: NIST entropy calculation, B.f. guesses, C.s. guesses, etc.
  • Allows to export password to Windows clipboard or TXT/HTML/CSV file.
  • Compute the MD5/SHA1/Hex hash value of the generated password.

CPGP works on Windows 7 and XP.

CPGP is a 1.13MB download available from SourceForge.net.

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