Excellent Open Source Text Editor[ Alternative to UltraEdit / NotePad++ ]

Crimson Editor is a free, open source, lightweight and easy to use all-in-one text processing program for Windows. See also: PSPad, Notepad++, Large Text File Viewer, Large Text File Editor.

Excellent Open Source Text Editor[ Alternative to UltraEdit / NotePad++ ]

Feature List

  • Tabbed editing window.
  • Supports column mode.
  • Find / replace words in files, regular expression is supported.
  • Toggle bookmark, navigate to previous / next bookmark with keyboard shortcut.
  • Spell check.
  • Custom font, color, line spacing.
  • Encoding types supported: ASCII, Unicode( little endian, big endian ), UTF-8( with BOM or without BOM ).
  • File formats supported: DOS format, Unix format, Mac format.
  • Allows you convert tabs to spaces or vice via, or only convert leading spaces to tabs.
  • Unlimited undo and redo.
  • Add and manage any file into one project.
  • Print and print preview.
  • Record and replay macros.
  • Syntax highlighting, the following computer languages are supported: c/c++, java, asp/php, python, matlab( free matlab alternative ), css, sql, html, perl, etc.
  • Split window vertically / horizontally.
  • Insert date, time, file.

Crimson Editor works on all Windows operating systems including Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Download it from SourceForge or the developer’s website.

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