Excellent Lightweight Linux Distribution

We’ve reviewed two stunning Linux distros before: SliTaz GNU/Linux and Tiny Core Linux. Puppy Linux is another brilliant lightweight Linux distribution. The file size of its release package is only 128MB, you can download it in mere minutes and start enjoying its rich functionality without installation.

Excellent Lightweight Linux Distribution


  • It can be burned into a CD/DVD disc or USB drive, which can be used to boot up your computer later.
  • The ISO file can be used to boot up virtual machines directly.
  • Easy to use, there’re several user friendly wizards: BootFlash install Puppy to USB, Internet connection wizard, Linux firewall wizard, Xorg video wizard, etc.
  • It’s accompanied with a great number of useful applications like GParted partition manager, Pdisk partition manager, puppy event manager and:
    • Fun: PicPuz jigsaw puzzle, Rubix cube, Tile slider game, XEmeraldia drop blocks, Xinvaders3d Arcade Game, Xsoldier – space arcade.
    • Multimedia: Asunder audio cd ripper, Gxine media player, Pcdripper CD song ripper, Pdvdrsab DVD rip/shrink/author/burn, Pmetatagger audio file tag editor, Pmusic audio player, Pstreamvid play streaming video, Zmixer audio mixer, mhWaveEdit audio recorder/editor, pCD CD-audio player.Burniso2cd burn iso file to CD/DVD, ISOMaster iso file editor, Pburn CD/DVD/Blu-ray writer.
    • Internet: Axel download accelerator, Ayttm MSN/Yahoo/ICQ/Jabber/IRC, Pctorrent torrent download, Psip VOIP + IM client, PuppyBrowser web browser, Secure SSH telnet, gFTP ftp client, etc.
    • Network: Gpptp PPTP VPN client, Linux-Firewall firewall, Superscan network scanner, etc.
    • Personal: pStopWatch stop watch, Ptimer StopWatch AlarmClock, Bcrypt file encryption, Figaros password manager, Osmo personal organizer, NoteCase notes manager, etc.
    • Business: Cgtkcalc complex numbers, Gmeasure units converter, Xcalc scientific calculator, Ycalc TI-59 scientific calculator, HomeBank finance management, Gnumeric, etc.
    • Document: Abiwork, Geany, ePdfView PDF viewer, puppyPDF convert file to PDF, NicoEdit text editor, etc.
    • Graphic: Gcolor2 color chooser, mtPaint image editor, mtPaint – snapshot screen capture, InkLite vector editor, Xsane image scanner, Gtkam camera manager, etc.
    • FileSystem: Searchmonkey file finder, gFnRename batch file renamer, Pmount mount/unmount drives, GWhere disk cataloger, etc.
    • Utility: Pbackup backup and sync, Pudd copy drive/partition, XArchive archiver, etc.
  • Plus many more.

Puppy Linux is a 128MB download available from the developer’s website and CNET.

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