Excellent Duplicate File Finder / Same File Remover & Deleter

We’ve covered two similar tools recently, Duplicate File Finder is another free program which could help you finding and removing duplicate files, it’s simple to use and there are numerous options you can tweak.

Feature List

  • It has a clear interface which is very easy to follow.
  • Supports comparing files by: content only( same md5/sha1 hash value ), size only, name only, name and size, content and name.
  • Allows you exclude folders such as recycle bin, windows system folder, etc.
  • Supports customizing exclude file/folder mask using wildcards and extensions.
  • Supports customizing file filter, you can scan all files, or just mp3 files, photo files.
  • Supports moving all marked files to a folder you specified or recycle bin.
  • Supports exporting the duplicate file search results to various file formats: excel file( csv ), web page( html ), rich text format file( rtf ), text file( txt ).
  • Supports previewing image files.
  • Allows you specify a folder that you wish to protect for possible file deletion, any files located in it will not be moved or deleted.
  • Allows you save search settings for later use.

Excellent Duplicate File Finder / Same File Remover & Deleter

Once you have chosen the object folders, file filters, and other options, you can hit the “Start Search” button to lets it scan duplicate files for you, it will list all duplicate files in a tree view list, all files are grouped by extensions, you can expand / collapse all the nodes, and check / mark files via the toolbar button or right button context menu.

Duplicate File Finder works on Windows XP and Windows 7.

Download it from softpedia.

You can also check out Duplicate Cleaner, it’s the best duplicate file remover freeware.

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