DVD ripper freeware – DVDShrink

DVD Shrink is a free dvd ripping software that could backup DVD video disc for you, it could save your favorite movie to local harddisk, then even if your dvds are scratched, you can play the backuped video with VLC, KMPlayer or other video players, or burn them to a DVD disc with your favorite cd/dvd burning software!

DVD ripper freeware

DVD Shrink gives you the power to decrypt your DVD video disc and shrink the video to be fit for a single recordable DVD-R disk.


  • Lets you specify the target dvd size: DVD-5( 4.7GB ) or DVD-9( 8.5GB ) or custom size.
  • Hide audio and subpicture streams of insignificant size.
  • Open VIDEO_TS subfolders automatically.
  • Preview video and audio.
  • Remove macrovision protection.
  • Split VOB files into 1GB size chunks.
  • Check RPC2 drive region code when opening a DVD.

DVD Shrink supports Windows 7 / Windows XP.

Download from filehippo.

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