Download Duplicate Cleaner 2.0 – The Latest Version of The Best Duplicate File Finder

( Windows Only )Duplicate Cleaner is a duplicate finder developed DigitalVolcano, up until now it’s the best one in the field, and most important, it’s free! Early in this month, Duplicate Cleaner 2.0 is released, the interface is redesigned and many new features has been added to it.

What’s New in Duplicate Cleaner 2.0

A Few Tips

  • Under the “Search Criteria” tab, you can drag and drop folders from Windows Explorer to the “Search Paths” list. You can also drag n drop directories from the “Available Folders” to the “Search Paths” list directly, you do not need to select one folder first then hit the “Add Path” button.
  • If you want to display image tags or music tags in the duplicate list, you must select “Read music tags” or “Read image tags” under the “Options” menu before scanning.
  • You can select any image files which width is bigger than 300 pixels and smaller than 400 pixels using the “Select by text pattern” function.

  • You can select any music files which length is longer than 2 minutes and shorter than 3 minutes using the “Select by text pattern” function.
  • Don’t forget the right button context menu, you can invert marked selection, mark/unmark all files in one folder tree with this menu easily.

Duplicate Cleaner 2.0 Beta is portable, which means that no installation is needed, so you do not need to uninstall the latest stable version.

Duplicate Cleaner 2.0 supports Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Download it from the developer’s website.

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