Detect system&registry changes with snapshot compare( Windows XP )

Your system is very clean after you have installed Windows and drivers for mainboard and video card, after a few months it gets more and more messy, when you install a program, you don’t know what it has done to your computer, which and what files have been added, whether they are secure or dangerously. Tiny Watcher is a freeware which could create a snapshot of your system folders and registry, and compare it with the current state of your system, then show you the details of modification has been made.

After it’s installed, it will pop up a dialog box saying “Tiny Watcher version 1.501 is running for the first time. A snapshot of your system will be built now. It can take up to a few minutes”, press ok button to lets it create the initial snapshot for you. It will build a snapshot for several sensitive areas of your operating system: running processes at logon time, running processes (anytime), services registry keys, startup registry keys, other sensitive registry keys, sensitive directories (c:\, Windows directory, “system32″ directory, etc.), other sensitive files, scheduled tasks.

Thereafter every time you start Windows, Tiny Watcher will scan and detect system and registry changes thoroughly, because I have just installed TrueCrypt( the Best free encryption software ), a new driver file “C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\truecrypt.sys” was created, and a new Registry entry “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ truecrypt\ImagePath” was created, as seen below:

Tiny Watcher compares monitored files and processes with SHA-1 comparison.

You can add you custom directories and files, registry keys and entries via the start menu item Tiny Watcher->Options, then click the menu “More options”.

Tiny Watcher will not tell you whether a file is safe or unsafe, if you are doubting about one file, you should use Google to discover more information about it and then make decisions.

Tiny Watcher works on Windows XP / Vista / 2000. I’ve tested on Windows 7 and found that it does NOT work correctly on it.

Download it from the developer’s website( Tiny Watcher 1.501 ) or CNET( Tiny Watcher 1.5 ). Product Homepage:

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