Critical Warning: Comodo Firewall Does NOT Work on Some Occasion!

Comodo Firewall is an excellent free security utility, however, recently I found that sometimes it does not work properly! I originally decided to report this issue on the official forum of Comodo firewall, but I found that many related questions are not responded by anybody.

Yesterday, when I closed the ( PPTP-based ) VPN connection, I launched Winamp, what surprised me is that Winamp popped up a dialog box asking me whether to upgrade to the new version, because I’ve switched the “Firewall security level” to “Custom policy”, and the application “C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe” has been blocked for several months. Comodo Firewall should have blocked winamp to access the internet in the background!

Then I opened the “Active connections” window of Comodo firewall, I found that there are no any connection of Google Chrome browser in the list, but it existed in the CurrPorts window!

So I decided to perform an experiment. I rebooted Windows, then defined a new blocked application( “C:\Program files\Opera\opera.exe” ) under the “Firewall” tab of Comodo firewall, I opened opera trying to visit Google, Comodo firewall blocked it.

Then I established the VPN connection and stopped it after a mere minutes. I started Opera and attempted to visit Google again, Comodo firewall did not block Opera any more.

Finally I found that I must close the PPPOE connection and connect it again to make Comodo firewall work correctly.

Comodo firewall gives us great power to customize the security policy, but now I’m not sure whether it works well in any situation, which personal firewall is more reliable, Comodo, ZoneAlarm, McAfee Internet Security, Online Armor Free, Outpost, Kaspersky Internet Security, Norton Internet Security, or BitDefender Internet Security?

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