Classic Shell Brings the old Explorer toolbar buttons back to Windows 7( cut, copy, paste, delete )

If you prefer to use the cut, copy, paste, delete, go to parent folder buttons in the the explorer’s toolbar when manipulating your files, you may find that it’s very inconvenient to do these things in Windows 7, because Windows 7 removed these buttons from the explorer shell, you can only use keyboard hotkeys or menus. There are two ways to bring these buttons back, one way is add some keys into the registry such as TasksItemsSelected, but modify the system registry is dangerous and there are too many steps to do. The second way is install a software, such as the open source freeware named Classic Shell.

Classic Shell contains two main components, one is Classic Start Menu, another one is Classic Explorer, the first one can give you the windows xp style start menu, the second one could add the cut, copy, paste, delete buttons to the explorer’s toolbar, you can choose to install one or both of them.

When you finished install Classic Shell, you can press the right mouse button on the explorer’s toolbar and select “Classic Explorer Bar” from the popup menu. You can customize the navigation pane style, and lots of other settings, you can even customize the button’s size or icon by editing the settings file directly. For example, the following lines will set the size of the toolbar icon to 20 and 35 pixels for small icon and large icon respectively.



* Adds a toolbar to Explorer for some common operations (Go to parent folder, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Properties, Email). More buttons can be added manually.
* Replaces the copy UI in Vista and Windows 7 with the more user-friendly “classic” version similar to Windows XP.
* Handles Alt+Enter in the folder panel of Windows Explorer and shows the properties of the selected folder.
* Has options for customizing the folder panel to look more like the Windows XP version or to not fade the expand buttons.
* Can show the free disk space and the total file size in the status bar.
* Can disable the breadcrumbs in the address bar.
* Can display an icon overlay for the shared folders in Windows 7.

The official website of Classic Shell: classicshell

If you fill like modify the system registry, please refer to this article : Add a Delete Button to the Windows 7 Explorer Toolbar.

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