Capture Screenshot with Cursor / Mouse & Menu in it

As we all know, we can hit the PrintScreen key to capture the whole screen to clipboard, or press Alt + PrintScreen to grab the screenshot of the active window. But if you want to capture screenshot with cursor or pop up menu in it, you have to use the third-party software, for example, Gadwin.

Gadwin is very simple and easy to use, it’s by far not the best one, but it’s free.

Feature List

  • Supports customizing the hot key for capturing, if your PrintScreen key is corrupt, Gadwin will rescue you from the dilemma.
  • Allows you preview the captured screenshot before saving it to disk.
  • Supports capturing: Current Window / Client Window / Full Screen / Rectangular area.
  • Supports grabbing mouse cursor.
  • Supports resizing captured image to specified size and maintain aspect ratio.
  • Supports adding shadow / stamp( text ) to captured image.

Capture Screenshot with Cursor / Mouse & Menu in it, Windows 7 freeware

The captured image which includes menu and cursor.


  • Under the source tab, choose “Current Window” to capture active window with cursor / menu in it.
  • Choose “Client Window” to capture the sub window of active window, for instance: pop up menu, dropdown menu, button / static text / list box / combo box / edit box, including windows task bar, windows start button, windows start menu, etc.


  • It does not support capturing scroll window.
  • It does not support editing image.
  • It does not support capturing video.
  • It does not support capturing text on the screen.

Gadwin PrintScreen supports Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.

Download it from CNET or the developer’s website. Visit the product homepage.

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