Cannot Connect To Internet But Can Ping / Chat After Virus Removal

If you can not connect to internet via Chrome / FireFox / Opera / Safari / IE / Flock / SeaMonkey and all other internet browsers, but can chat with Windows Live Messenger ( MSN messenger ) / Yahoo! Messenger / Google Talk / AOL Instant Messenger / ICQ, you’ve come to the right place! Follow me please, I’ll show you how to resolve this issue.


  • You could ping your router and,,;
  • You could use all chat applications;
  • You have scanned and removed viruses/spyware/rootkit with antivirus software;
  • You have uninstalled or disabled you firewall( comodo, zonealarm, etc );
  • You can connect to internet on the same computer in Linux/Windows PE;

But you cannot browse any website with any browser!

This is because your Winsock settings is corrupt, you can use all internet programs based on UDP(User Datagram Protocol), but all internet programs based on TCP(Transmission Control Protocol) do not work.

You could repair and reset your Winsock settings in two ways:

1, Use the command netsh

Launch command prompt and input netsh winsock reset, then press enter.

2, Use WinSock XP Fix or XP TCP/IP Repair

WinSock XP Fix is a handy and portable freeware, just launch it and hit the Fix button, after it finished repairing please reboot your computer.

Download it from softpedia.

XP TCP/IP Repair is an alternative to WinSock XP Fix, download it from cnet.

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