Best Scientific Calculator for Professionals and Engineers

The Windows 7 calculator has 4 modes: Standard, Scientific, Statistics and Programmer, it’s better than the Windows XP calculator, but today I’ll show you a superb scientific calculator, it’s by far powerful than Windows 7 calculator.

SpeQ is a free, lightweight and comprehensive scientific calculator, it has a simple and straightforward user interface, you can freely add / copy / paste / delete / edit your expression in the middle notepad-like sheet and execute it, for example, you can input 5^5 + 6! + Sin(0.25*Pi) and press enter to calculate the line, SpeQ will output the result on the next line in blue colour: Ans = 3845.707106781.

Best Scientific Calculator for Professionals and Engineers

In the right panel there is a treelist of all constants, functions, graphs, operators and units, for instance: pi( 3.141592654 ), e( 2.718281828 ), Gravity( 9.80665 m/s^2 ), Min( a, b, c ), sin(x), asin(x), a&b, a( ampere ), v( volt ), s( seconds ), h( hours ), kg( kilogram ), sqin( square inch ), m3( cubic metre ), etc.

SpeQ supports 2D graphics plotting, to invoke this function, just double click a item under the Graphs in the right panel, for instance, Plot( f(x) ), then fill in the expression inside the parentheses in the middle sheet and press enter, a new dialog will pop up and show you the graph, you can move / zoom in / zoom out the graph, change the function.

Best Scientific Calculator for Windows 7 & XP

In a word, SpeQ is a calculable text editor which allows you evaluate almost any scientific expression.

Feature List

  • Enter mathematical expressions in a sheet
  • Operators:
    • Arithmetic: + – * / % ^ 2 3
    • Conditional: =, <>, <, >, <=, >=
    • Logical: And, Or, Xor
    • Bitwise: &, |, ||
  • Constants. Around 100 built-in constants on the area of
    • Mathematics: General, Number Theory, Chaos Theory, Combinatorics, Analysis
    • Physics: Universal, Electromagnetic, Atomic and Nuclear, Physico-Chemical
    • Conditions
    • Colors
  • Functions:
    • Analysis: fnInt, fnDiff, fnSolve
    • Arithmetic: Abs, Exp, Ln, Log, Log10, Sqrt, Sign
    • Complex numbers: Re, Im, Abs, Arg, Conj
    • Conversion: Rad2Deg, Rad2Grad, Rad2Cycle, Deg2Rad, Grad2Rad, Cycle2Rad
    • Hyperbolic: Cosh, Sinh, Tanh, ACosh, ASinh, ATanh, Sech, Csch, Coth
    • Integers: Round, Floor, Ceil, Fix
    • Logical: IIf, Not, Repeat, Iterate
    • Probability: Factorial, nCr, nPr, !, Rand, RandInt
    • Statistics: Avg, Min, Mean, Max, Prod, Sum, Std, Sort, Var
    • Representation: Bin, Dec, Fraction, Hex, Oct
    • Trigonometry: Cos, Sin, Tan, ACos, ASin, ATan, Atan2, Sec, Csc, Cot
    • Units: In, Convert, AddUnit
  • Plot graphs
    • User-friendly trace, move and zoom functionality
    • Analyze intersections, minima and maxima
    • Adjust all figure properties in the Propertywindow or in the Workarea
    • Available functions: Plot, PlotLogX, PlotLogY, PlotLogLog, RGB, Close, CloseAll
  • Units. Around 130 built-in units on the area of
    • Angles
    • Mechanics: time, mass, length, area, volume
    • Electricity
    • Temperature
    • Molecular
    • Light intensity
    • Radioactivity
  • System functions and variables: Angles, Bytes, Decimals, SciNotation, Representation, Clear, ClearAll
  • Define your own variables for use in calculations
  • Define your own functions, using one or more variables
  • Define your own units
  • Decimal, binary, hexadecimal and octal representation
  • Calculations with lists
  • Complex number calculations
  • Colored workarea
  • Save and load sheets
  • Orderly overview of all available functions and constants in the Functionstree
  • A list with all defined variables and functions in the Memorylist
  • Context-sensitive help and a detailed users guide

SpeQ supports Windows 7, Windows XP / Vista / 2000 / 9X / NT / Me.

Download it from CNET.

Download it from the developer’s website: the installation package, the portable package.

Product Homepage:

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  1. Ernie says:

    Online scientific calculators are less hassle than carrying around a clumsy electronic calculator.