Best Online SHA-1 Generator & MD5 Hash Generator

SHA-1 and MD5 are popular used cryptographic hash functions, they are usually used to verify the integrity of files and folders, sometimes it’s also used for generating passwords. However, most MD5 / SHA-1 checksum generators provide a bad user experience.

Best Online SHA-1 Generator & MD5 Hash Generator

The SHA-1 Generator which is hosted on diggfreeware is intended to be an excellent online hash calculator.

To compute the hash value of a string, just type into the text box besides the “Input” label and press Enter, you can switch between uppercase and lowercase with a simple single click. After you select a different algorithm( MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, CRC32, MD4, MD2, WHIRLPOOL ), the online utility will recompute the destination number for you automatically.

I’m not a web application nut, but this SHA-1 Generator is really handy, regardless of whether you’re using Windows or Linux or Mac, Chrome or FireFox or Opera or Safari or IE, your own computer or your friend’s laptop, it is here to stay.

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