Best MD5 checker for Windows 7 / XP

HashTab is the best cross platform MD5 checker freeware, today I’ll tell you the best MD5 checker freeware for Windows 7 / XP, it’s easy to use, powerful, portable, effective and highly customization, I am very sure you will like it!

Best free MD5 checker / SHA1 generator software for Windows 7 / Windows XP

MD5 checksum is the fingerprint of a file, every different file has a unique MD5 value, if two files have the same MD5 checksum, they have the same content. MD5 checker software is often used to confirm that the files are identical or legal, Marxio File Checksum Verifier (FCV) is the best free MD5/SHA1 hash generator and checker, it’s deadly simple to use and has an streamlined and orderly interface, and most importantly, it is packed with many practical features not available in other competitor’s products, for instance:

  • Multi-threaded: it will display the progress in the status bar and Windows taskbar, and allows you abort the calculation at any time by pressing the ESC key, this is especially useful if you want to calculate the md5/sha1 hash number of a large file, for example, the install package of Windows 7 / Adobe Photoshop.
  • Flash taskbar when calculation completed. So you could do other thing while using FCV to generate md5/sha1 value of a big file.
  • Allows you drag n drop file from Windows Explorer.
  • Allows you integrated with Windows Explorer context menu, you could check any file’s hash value via its right button context menu in Windows Explorer.
  • You can press the right button anywhere inside the window to show the context menu.
  • Allows you copy the checksum to clipboard with Ctrl + C, or paste checksum from clipboard with Ctrl + V.
  • Enable always on topmost.
  • Supports mainstream checksum types: MD5,SHA1,SHA-256, CRC32, MD4, SHA-384, SHA-512,RIPEMD-128, RIPEMD-160,HAVAL 256,TIGER 192.
  • Doesn’t need to be installed/unistalled, it’s portable.
  • Autosave windows position / width / style.
  • Autosave last used checksum type.
  • Enable Use Esc key to exit application.
  • Snap to screen edge.
  • Lets you customize the color of background / text / editbox.
  • Set the transparency level of window.
  • Auto calculate when checksum type changed.
  • Auto calculate when file dropped.
  • Auto paste checksum from clipboard.
  • Show file name on title bar.
  • Uppercase checksums.
  • Large files support – with size over 32 GB.
  • Contains over 20 keyboard shortcuts.
  • It’s free of charge for any personal and commercial use.

As we’ve seen, FCV is very flexible, at most cases we want to calculate the MD5 value of a file, however sometimes we need to get the SHA1 value, such as the Windows 7 installer, with other MD5 checker such as HashTab, you will have to switch the checksum type from MD5 to SHA1 before checking, otherwise it will take you a few minutes and gives you the MD5 value! FCV allows you calculate the checksum only when you have changed checksum type from MD5 to SHA1 or have pressed the calculate button!

One of the only drawbacks is that it will check for update every week and warns you if it is older than 2 months, it’s a bit annoying, but you could turns these off under the submenu of “Other settings” and “Check for update” respectively.


I have been using FCV for many months without any problems, it’s a versatile and “must have” MD5/SHA1 checker, it’s by far better than other MD5 checker software, it’s a wonderful gift for all of us, thanks Rarek!

FCV supports Windows 7 / Windows XP / 2000 / Vista.

Download Marxio File Checksum Verifier (FCV) from CNET or the developer’s website.

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