Best Free UltraEdit Alternative[ Text Editor ]

PSPad is a superlative alternative to ultraedit, it’s packed with a great deal of features and is free of charge for any person and company.

Best Free Ultraedit Alternative[ Text Editor ]

Feature List

  • Open several documents in a tabbed interface.
  • Search and replace in project files / open files / selected directory.
  • Find and replace string using regular expressions.
  • Create and delete bookmarks.
  • Supports spell check.
  • Auto generate and insert GUID, for instance: ['{92275857-22C8-44AB-B92F-F3C89CB9458D}'].
  • Display line number, ruler.
  • Toggle between hex mode and plain text mode.
  • Record and play macro for batch job.
  • Compare and display difference between two text files side by side.
  • Several useful tools built in: ASCII table, color select, eyedropper, clipboard monitor, hash generator( MD5, SHA1, MD4, RIPEMD160 ), lorem ipsum generator.
  • Supports projects, templates, syntax highlighting, etc.
  • It’s built with a variety of templates: abp, as, asp, asx, c, cbl, cs, css, hta, html, js, pas, php, pl, psc, rex, rss, sh, vbs, vhd, wml, x3d, xhtml, xml, xq, xsl, xul.
  • Increase/decrease font size using ctrl + mouse wheel.


PSPad is an excellent text editor for general users and source code editor for programmers and web designers, but it lacks the support for large text files, this is same as ultraedit and notepad++. Feel free to check out HxD or LTFViewr, the former one is a stunning large file viewer and editor, the later one is an amazing large text file viewer.

PSPad works on most Windows operating systems including Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Download it from CNET or the developer’s website.

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