Best free traffic controller( bandwidth limiter ) software( Windows 7 / XP )

Sometimes it’s very necessary to limit the bandwidth of your internet connection, otherwise the other users in same local network will has poor internet connection, they even cannot visit! Some network software are very rude, you could not browse any web page when running it. Most bandwidth limiter software are not free, the freeware below are better than some traffic controller applications with price tags attached. You can use it as alternative to NetLimiter Pro.

NetBalancer Free Version is a stunning bandwidth limiter program, it’s easy to use and config, and allows you limit all system traffic or only those applications you specified, it can display and control both incoming( download ) and outgoing( upload ) traffic for every processes in real time, set upload/download network priority for any process.

Best free traffic controller( bandwidth limiter ) software for Windows 7 / XP

You can show online processes only, click each process to view its details, including process info( file name, file path, description ), active connections( remote IP address, remote port, protocol, state, local IP address, local port ). You can limit each process’s bandwidth via the right button context menu.

NetBalancer allows you ignore local traffic, balance network only when X% of bandwidth is reached. You can also use it as a traffic meter, when you move mouse over the tray icon of NetBalancer, it will display the download and upload traffic in the tooltip.

NetBalancer is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7( 32bit & 64bit ).

Download NetBalancer from CNET or the developer’s website.

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