Best Free Sticky Notes Software

Paper based post-it sticky notes is very hard to customize and manage, Sticky Notes Software is easy to modify, backup, transfer and print, and can be used as todo list manager, allows us set alarm for important events, etc. Belows are a list of Best Free Sticky Notes Software we’ve chosen for you.

1, Stickies

Best free post-it desktop notes software for Windows 7 / XP

Stickies is one of the most-used software on my laptop, it’s fully customizable and has amazingly rich feature set.

Read more about Stickies, download Stickies.

2, PNotes

free sticky notes software--stickies alternative

PNotes is portable, there is a variety of skins for PNotes, and supports scheduling, formatting, docking.

Read more about PNotes, download PNotes.

3, Hott Notes

Hott Notes is an alternative to stickies[ sticky note application ]

Hott notes allows you draw crazy pictures to decorate your desktop, change the theme, and will remind you of important events everytime you use the computer.

Read more about Hott Notes, download Hott Notes.

4, ATnotes

Excellent Sticky Notes freeware

ATnotes is very lightweight and has very low system resource usage, it’s a good alternative to Stickies.

Read more about ATnotes, download ATnotes.

5, Cloud Notes

Cloud Notes is a sticky notes freeware which allows you edit, store, access and share notes easily through secure HTTPS connections using your existing Google Account, all your notes are stored on Google Doc, so you can access them from virtually anywhere!

Read more about Cloud Notes, download Cloud Notes.

6, Simple Sticky Notes

Simple Sticky Notes

Simple Sticky Notes is actually very simple, it’s a free and efficient note taking software, and supports RichText.

Download it from cnet.

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