Best Free Virtual Instruments( Piano, Guitar…) Software

ZynAddSubFX is a hidden gem in the field of software synthesizers, it’s developed by Nasca Octavian Paul of Romania. ZynAddSubFX offers users a chance to simulate an arbitrary number of instruments including piano, drum, guitar, organ, etc. The sounds produced by ZynAddSubFX are very beautiful and unforgettable, ZynAddSubFX is definitely one of the best free virtual instruments utilities.

Best Free and Open Source Virtual Instruments( Piano/Guitar/etc.) Software for Windows/Mac/Linux

ZynAddSubFX has two user interface modes, a beginner mode and an advanced mode, and allows to switch between them freely. ZynAddSubFX includes over 300 predefined high quality instruments, you can open a very amazing piano instrument by clicking the “Open Instrument” item under the “Instrument” menu and choosing this file: “C:/Program Files/ZynAddSubFX/banks/SynthPiano/0004-Fantasy Bell.xiz”, after you’ve loaded it, you can click and move your mouse on the virtual piano keyboard to let ZynAddSubFX play a random but very nice-hearing music.


  • 3 synthesizer engines available: ADsynth, SUBsynth, PADsynth.
  • Realtime synth, mutlitimbral synth, polyphonic synth.
  • Microtonal capabilities with any scale, up to 128 notes per octave, and key mapping.
  • Legato, Poly, and Mono modes.
  • Lots of effects: Reverb, Echo, Chorus/Flange, Phaser, AlienWah (it’s a kind of vocal morpher), Distortion(Wave-shaping), EQ, DynamicFilter.
  • Instruments can be organized in kits, which allows you to make drum kits or layered(mixed) instruments; this makes possible to use more than one instrument for a single part. It is possible to choose what items from the kit should be processed by the Part’s effects.
  • Envelopes can have ADSR (or ASR, etc..) modes or can be free modes (with any shape).
  • Midi support (supports many controllers) and (if you want) JACK support.
  • And many more…

ZynAddSubFX supports Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux.

ZynAddSubFX is a 1.40MB download available from

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