Best Free and Open Source Process Viewer / Explorer / Monitor / Manager

We’ve discussed several excellent free process viewers like What’s Running, Process Hacker and Microsoft Process Explorer, this time our old friend violent_ken, who is also the developer of Yet Another Duplicate File Remover( the best open source Duplicate File Finder ), brings us an unbelievable free and open source process manager program for Windows.

Best Free Process Viewer

YAPM – Yet Another Process Monitor, is a free process viewer and manipulator which has a MS Office Ribbon style, it provides amazing rich features to us, including:

  • Allows us to view and manage running processes, tasks, jobs, services, threads, modules, handles, as well as active network connections.
  • Enumerate and list hidden processes.
  • Supports operating on local and remote computers.
  • Search and list any processes/modules/environment variable/services/handles/windows which match the search criteria.
  • Allows to kill, pause, resume, set the priority of any process.
  • Verify signatures of processes.
  • Log all actions made by a particular process.
  • Save and explorer a snapshot of the system which contains all the information of the running processes, tasks, jobs, services, threads, modules, handles, active network connections.
  • Allows to find the process associated with a window/dialog by dragging and dropping the target to the destination window, this feature is similar to microsoft spy++.
  • Build-in hex editor to view memory of specific process.
    Best Free Process Monitor
  • Allows to view the file property, file details of any process.
  • View and copy the following attributes of a process: PID, username, parent name, cpu usage, average cpu usage, total cpu time, handle count, thread count, working set, priority, path, parent id, kernel cpu time, user cpu time, start time, run time, gdi objects, user objects, affinity mask, in job, elevation, being debugged, owned process, system process, service process, critical process, peak working set, page fault count, page file usage, peak page file usage, quota paged pool usage, read operation count, write operation count, read transfer count, write transfer count, total IO delta, command line, description, version, company, IsWow64, pending task count, object creation date, etc.
  • View and copy the following properties of an active network connection: local ip, remote ip, protocol( TCP/UDP/TCP6/UDP6 ), state, local port, remote port, process, process id, etc. It allows to close selected connection and ping its remote ip address.
  • List all services and allows to modify the start type to auto start/on demand/disabled for any service.
  • Start/pause/stop/resume/delete any service.
  • Warn about dangerous actions.
  • Built-in native dependency viewer.
  • Shutdown local or remote machine.

YAPM works on Windows 7 and Windows XP, and supports 32 bit and 64 bit platforms.

Yet Another Process Monitor is a 1.1MB download available from

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