Best Free Mind Mapping Software

When we have a meeting for a project, someone prefers to scratch his ideas, tasks on a paper or whiteboard manually with a pen, doing in this way is freely but not professional. A better way is to represent your ideas in a diagram with a specific kind of software which are usually called Mind Mapping software, the diagram is called Mind Map.

A Mind Map is a tree which has a root node only, the root node has many child nodes, each child node might has further child nodes. Every node store its information which could contains texts, images, hyperlinks in a text box,  each node and its parent node is connected using a curved line called edge.

With the help of Mind Mapping program, your ideas are organized and visualized clearly and coherently, thus it will help you concentrate to solve issues, make plans and set goals.

Best Free Mind Mapping Software for Windows/Mac/Linux

Freeplane is a free, open source, cross-platform and incredible application designed for Mind Mapping, Personal Information Management, Knowledge Management as well as Project Management, it’s one of the best in its field, you can use it as an alternative to FreeMind.


  • Add/delete/cut/copy/paste/join/split nodes easily.
  • For each node, it allows to edit, format, find, replace its content.
  • The color, font, style, background of texts are fully customizable.
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Allows to view as outline view.
  • Export as html, xhtml, java applet, flash, twiki, png, jpeg, pdf, svg, etc.
  • Zoom in or zoom out with ctrl and mouse wheel.
  • Ships with many predefined icons: signs, numbers, smiley, people, nature, time, office, docs & folders, flags, arrows and miscellaneous.
  • And more…

Freeplane is OS neutral, it supports Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux.

Freeplane is a 16.76MB download available from SourceForge.

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