Best Free Firewall Software for Windows 7 & XP( 32 & 64-bit )

A reliable and powerful personal firewall program is a must have in our daily online browsing routine, Comodo firewall is definitely the best firewall for Windows OS, most people agreed that it’s obviously better than its free competitors like ZoneAlarm free edition, PC Tools Firewall Plus, Outpost Firewall Free, Privatefirewall, Sunbelt Personal Firewall, Ashampoo Firewall, Sygate Personal Firewall and Online Armor Free.

Best Free Firewall Software for Windows 7 & XP( 32-bit & 64-bit )

Comodo firewall is not only a network firewall, but also a program firewall, you can even use it solely without any antivirus software to give your pc a full protection. Comodo is fully customizable yet easy to use, you can use it without any problems with the default settings.


  • Block the dangerous behaviours of network activity and program activity for you.
  • Logs and shows you firewall events.
  • Allows to define trusted software and blocked software.
  • Allows to define rules for applications, specific ICMP/TCP/UDP/IP, HTTP ports/POP3 ports/SMTP ports/Privileged ports.
  • Allows to view active connections.
  • Protects the ARP cache.
  • Blocks fragments IP datagrams.
  • Logs and shows you defense+ events.
  • Allows to add/remove trusted files.
  • Allows to add/remove/submit unrecognized files.
  • Protects specific files, folders, registry keys, COM interfaces for your machine.
  • Built-in process viewer.
  • File system virtualization and registry virtualization: allows to run a program in an isolated sandbox.
  • Comodo Secure DNS service.

Comodo Firewall works on Window 7, Vista and XP.

Comodo Firewall is a 33.6MB download available from COMODO.

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