Best Free File Comparison Software – Part 1

KDiff3 is a free cross-platform file compare and merge utility that works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac as well as Linux. Whether you are a software developer or a website programmer, you may find it useful and handy.

Best Free File Compare and Merge Tool


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Supports comparing and merging two or three files or folders concurrently.
  • Display and highlight the differences side by side.
  • Supports integration with Windows Explorer, WinCVS, TortoiseSVN, Rational ClearCase.
  • Supports run from command line.
  • Supports 5 file comparison mode:
    • Binary comparison.
    • Full analysis.
    • Trust the size and last modification date.
    • Trust the size and date, but use binary comparison if date doesn’t match.
    • Trust the size.
  • Synchronize directories.
  • Backup files automatically.
  • Auto merge using regular expression.
  • Version control history merging.
  • Options to ignore numbers, ignore case, ignore C/C++ comments.
  • Allows to customize font, foreground color and background color of text.
  • Built-in search, merge facility.

It’s a good idea to compare files and directories using the 5 Best MD5/SHA-1 checker we’ve rounded up for you, then ignore the files which are identical.

You can also use a duplicate file detector like Duplicate Cleaner and Yet Another Duplicate File Remover for finding and deleting duplicate files.

You can use KDiff3 as an alternative to WinMerge( free ), Beyond Compare or UltraCompare Professional.

KDiff3 is a 7.5MB download available from SourceForge.

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