Best free duplicate file finder( same file remover ) based on MD5 comparison

If you want to install a new published game and found that there are not enough free space on your hard drive, or you want to backup your data to an external device and keep things less messy, it’s a good idea to use a disk space analyzer to scan and list the biggest files and delete them. On the other hand you could find and remove the duplicate / redundant files which have the same content( MD5 hash value ).

Duplicate Cleaner is a free utility which could do these for you, I’ve tried many similar software and found that it’s the best one, it’s better than many popular duplicate file finder shareware, such as DupeRazor Duplicate Files Removal Kit, Duplicate Checker( GF Software ), Duplicate Finder( Ashisoft ).

How to use Duplicate Cleaner

First you should add those directories you want to check under the “Search Criteria” tab, then choose a file filter, you can choose Images/Pictures, Music data, Movies, Text Files, Office documents or everything. You could specify find files with same content( that is, same CRC, MD5, SHA-1 value ), same filename, same size, same date. Duplicate Cleaner allows you specify the minimum file size / maximum file size, in this way you could ignore those files which are too small.

Second, press go button, Duplicate Cleaner will scan and detect all the duplicate files in a few seconds, it will list all same files and sort them by group, it lists each file’s filename, path, size, modified date, file type, MD5 value, group index and hard links. You can select files manually, or do a selection with the intelligent “Selection Assistant”, it allows you select oldest or newest files in each group, select all but one file in each group, select by filename, select by master path, select by master path allows you preserve all the files in the folder you specified, you should use the FULL path, and could select multiple times with different path, just input / paste one path and press select and then do another.

Next, press “Remove Selected” button to delete the files you selected, you could delete them to Recycle Bin, delete them permanently, or move them to a folder you specified, it even allows you keep folder structure at destination, it also allows you remove empty folders.


DupeRazor Duplicate Files Removal Kit does not give us options to search files by file filter, file name, file size, file date.

Duplicate Finder( Ashisoft ) is not optimized for mp3 files, it does not support scanning files by filter too.

Duplicate Checker( GF Software ) does not allows us save the search settings to file.

All the three shareware above have a poor choose function.


Duplicate Cleaner is an excellent duplicate file finder, it’s easy to operate, user friendly, reliable and stable. It does things fast, and is specially optimized for music files, it could scan music tags – includes MP3, iTunes types and more. One little drawback is that Duplicate Cleaner lacks the option for searching files by file date range.

By the way, if you want to find the modified files between different version of your project / backup files, you could use md5summer, md5summer could help you to detect those files which have the same filename but different MD5 hash value.


Duplicate Cleaner is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 2000.

Download Duplicate Cleaner from CNET or the developer’s website.

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