Best Free Backup & Sync Software [ Acronis True Image & SyncBackPro alternative ]

Acronis True Image is the best disk imaging and file backup software for Windows, 2BrightSparks SyncBackPro is the best backup and synchronization software for Windows, but both of them are commercial product. As we’ve covered previously, you could use the 7 best free disk image software to make a clone of your system partition, and you could use FreeFileSync to backup and sync your documents, music files, dvd videos, etc. However, if you desired to backup your important files and folders regularly, CBB is a better choice.

Cobian Backup Boletus

Cobian Backup Boletus( CBB ) is a free application which is designed to schedule and backup files and folders, it’s simple to operate yet fully customizable, CBB is packed with amazingly rich feature set, many of them are only available in commercial software.

Best Free Backup & Sync Software

Feature List

  • Supports Full backup, Incremental backup, Differential backup, Dummy backup.
  • Supports variety types of schedule backup: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, timer, manually.
  • Allows you exclude files / directories based on files/folder name, mask, file size, file timestamp.
  • Supports compress / encrypt / split files.
  • It can be installed as a service and run in the background.
  • It’s multi-threaded, and copy files using Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service, opened and locked files can be copied without any problem.
  • Check and verify the CRC( Cyclic Redundancy Check ) of file, check MD5 or SHA1 is too computationally expensive, however if you want to do so, you could use MD5Summer to do it manually.
  • Copy file attributes / timestamp.
  • Protect the user interface and main window with password, this is same as COMODO firewall.
  • Play sound when a backup starts / ends.
  • Compress backup files with zip or 7zip compression algorithm, you can set different compression level and type, encrypt files with AES 128 / 192 / 256 method. It allows you exclude mp3/zip/rar/mpeg/jpg files when compressing.
  • Allows you add events before / after backup. You can write a batch file which will turn off computer, and call it when backup finished.
  • Supports FTP backup.
  • Strong encryption: Supported methods are Blowfish (128 bit), Rijndael (128 bit) and DES (64 bit).
  • Prevent sleeping.
  • Set it to run in low priority.
  • Export backup log to both main window and log file.
  • Multilingual User Interface supported.

Acronis True Image & SyncBackPro alternative

CBB is compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 2003. It supports both 32bits and 64 bits.

Download Cobian Backup Boletus from CNET or the developer’s website directly.

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