Best and Fastest Strategy to Defrag Hard Drive

The disk defragmenter field is a crowded one, there exists dozens of famous and excellent defrag software, from free to commercial ones, such as Auslogics Disk Defrag, Defraggler, MyDefrag, Smart Defrag, Power Defragmenter, O&O Defrag Professional, etc. However, we could and should make the defragment software more productive and enjoy the maximum benefits of them.

Best and Fastest Strategy to Defrag Hard Drive

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1, Move your temporary folder to non-system partition

Moving the messy and unsightly folders including Windows temporary directory, user data folder of Google Chrome, FireFox profile folder, from system partition to another partition, will dramatically reduce the fragments produced by various of applications.

You can even put these directories on a RAM disk created by ImDisk, Gizmo Drive or other similar programs, when you shutdown or reboot your computer, all these temporary files will vanish away and will not leave any rubbish on your hard disk.

2, Put all your documents on a single partition

It’s a good idea to create an encrypted virtual disk using a disk encryption tool like KACE Virtual Disk Utility or TrueCrypt, and put all your document files on this virtual drive.

3, Install and test all new software in a virtual machine

To prevent a new software that probably will be uninstalled later from generating trash to your system and registry, you may prefer to try portable ones, however not all software have a portable version available, but you can install them in a virtual machine like VMware, VirtualBox, Microsoft Virtual PC as well as Parallels Desktop( suitable for mac users ), this will keep your host system in a clean state.

Another benefit from the use of virtual machine is that you can keep yourself out of viruses, rootkits, spyware, and all other kinds of malware.

4, Defrag your hard drive and imaging it

Use any one of the defrag software we listed at the beginning of this post to defrag your hard disk, then create an image of it using a disk image software.

5, Re-image your hard drive when needed

Use the disk image software and the disk image file you created before to re-image your partition to previous clean and orderly state, all the fragmented and messy files will go away in a short time.

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