Apophysis – Amazing Free Fractal Generator Software

Apophysis is a free, open source and portable Windows application that is designed to create, edit and render fractal images. It’s easy to use and fully tweakable, the result is very amazing and awesome.

To get a first impression of Apophysis, just browse and select the effect you desired from the left list, press F3 to toggle to fullscreen mode, and then press F9 to preview the animated frames.

Free Fractal Generator Software for MS Windows 7 & XP


  • Built-in transform editor, allows you to add/duplicate/delete/select/move/rotate/scale/flip a triangle, tweak the color and xaos.
  • Allows to tweak gamma, brightness, vibrancy, background colour, gamma threshold.
  • Allows to render to png/jpg/jpeg/bmp files.
  • Allows to change the image size while keeping the aspect ratio.
  • Allows to tweak gradient, and offers tens of presets including south sea bather, sky flesh, pillows, mauve splat, facial treescape, fasion bug, leafy face, fire dragon, daffodil, etc.
  • Allows to zoom in/zoom out.
  • Allows to edit dozens of variables: linear, sinusoidal, spherical, swirl, horseshoe, polar, handkerchief, heart, disc, spiral, hyperbolic, diamond, ex, julia, bent, waves, fisheye, popcorn, exponential, power, cosine, rings, fan, eyefish, bubble, cylinder, noise, blur, gaussian blur, pre blur, radial blur, rings2, fan2, blob, pdj, perspective, julian, juliascope, curl, rectangles.
  • Allows to view in full screen.
  • And many more…

Apophysis supports all 32 bit Windows platforms including but not limited to Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Apophysis is a 1.3MB download available from SourceForge.net.

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