Another Simple MD5 Hash Generator / MD5 Checker

Bullzip MD5 Calculator is a lightweight and easy to use MD5 generator for calculating and verifying MD5 hash value for files.

Another Simple MD5 Hash Generator / MD5 Checker

After you’ve downloaded and installed it, you can right click any file in Windows Explorer and choose “MD5 Calculator” from the pop up menu, it will compute the MD5 hash value for you, and display the result value in the MD5 Digest text box, you could then paste the other value from the clipboard to the “Compare to” field. If the two MD5 hash value are equal, it will display an = sign between the two values, which indicates that the file you are checking is integrity, it’s identical to the origin one.

Bullzip MD5 Calculator supports Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP / 2000 / 2003.

Download it from the developer’s website. Visit the product homepage.

If you are looking for a MD5/SHA1 hash generator which supports drag n drop and is optimized for large files, or MD5/SHA1 checker for folder/directory, feel free to check out our previous post: 5 Best MD5 checker.

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