Another Free Huge Text File Viewer

UltraEdit is an efficient and effective text file reader and editor which has low system resource usage and memory footprint, but if you use UltraEdit to open an extraordinary large file, it will become a huge resource hog and make you feel like your system is swimming across molasses.

Free Large Text File Reader for Windows

HFViewer is a free lightweight file viewer that is designed for opening and viewing really big text files, it offers you the power to open files larger than 2GB easily.

Once you’ve opened a file, you can drag the slider on the left side to navigate to different positions of the file, HFViewer will retrieve the data in fixed-size blocks from the file when you scroll to a different position.

HFViewer also provides the ability to search through the entire opened file for a specific word, meanwhile, regular expression search is supported.

HFViewer works on most 32 bit Windows operating systems like Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Also check out other large file viewers we’ve reviewed here: HxD and LTFViewr( Large Text File Viewer ).

RowScope is another asynchronous large file viewer which supports Linux and 64 bit Windows systems, it’s written in Java.

LargeFileViewer is another a java based software that could display content of large, big, huge (text) files.

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