Another Best Network Bandwidth Monitor Software

NetWorx is the best bandwidth meter freeware, we have no complaints about it, but if you are looking for an alternative to NetWorx or DUmeter, I highly recommend NetMeter, it has many similar features to NetWorx. NetMeter is lightweight, portable, easy to use and open source.

Free Network Bandwidth Monitor for Windows 7

Feature List

  • Supports traffic volume alerting.
  • The window is fully resizable.
  • The fonts and colors are fully customizable.
  • Supports snapping to screen edge.
  • Supports transparency and fading effects, such as mouse sensitive fading( fade in or fade out ).
  • Allows you display average values.
  • Supports display data transfered( upload and download ) today / this week / this month / total, and allows you export the reports to csv file.

Free Network Bandwidth Monitor for Windows 7

NetMeter supports Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Download it from the developer’s website.

NetWorx and NetMeter do not support limiting bandwidth, and will not show you which process is occupying your bandwidth, for further details please refer to:

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