Abakt – Another free backup software for Windows 7 & XP

Abakt is a free program which is designed to backup videos, music and documents, it’s easy to use and gives you many options to customize.

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Its tabbed user interface is very intuitive and easy to follow, in the “1 – Source” tab, you can add source folders through clicking the “Add” button, you can exclude files or folders via pressing the “FilterSet” button. In the “2 – Filters” tab, you can specify which files/folders to include/exclude/no compression, you can include/exclude files based on their size/data/attributes or mask.

In the “3 – Action” tab, you could choose to compress backup files, or just copy files from source folder to destination folder directly, Abakt supports full backup and incremental backup. If you want to do incremental backup, remember to uncheck the “Include Empty Source Directories” box. In the subtab named “F10 – Destination”, you should specify the destination folder.

Now you could click the menu item “Filter Preview” under “Tools”, then press “Build” button to preview the list of include files and exclude files.

Abakt - Another free backup software for Windows 7 & XP

Finally, you can save your profile, or press the “Execute Profile” button to perform backup task. You should perform full backup for the first time, then you could modify the profile to do incremental backup.

Download it from CNET or Softpedia.

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