6 Free File Splitter and Joiner

You may find that there is a file size limitation when you want to upload your files to the free plan of a certain online storage, if that’s the case, you will have to either upgrade to a paid plan, or split your file into smaller ones with a file splitter before uploading and join them back into a single file after downloading.


free file splitting and merging utility

FFSJ is definitely the best file splitting and merging utility for MS Windows. Feature lists:

  • Easy to use, support drag n drop.
  • Portable, no installation required.
  • Efficient.
  • Support file encryption.
  • Plus many more.

FFSJ is a 396KB download available from http://www.jaist.ac.jp/, here is the full review about FFSJ.

2, MMH Split

file splitter and joiner

MMH Split is a free file splitter and joiner for Windows. Features of MMH Split:

  • Generate CRC32 checksum for the output files.
  • Windows shell integration.
  • Allow to customize the buffer size and main thread priority.
  • Allow to create a self joiner – a portable application that allows to join the splitted files without needing to install MMH Split.

MMH Split supports all Windows versions. It’s a free download available from http://www.mmhsoft.com.

3, MegaSplit

MegaSplit is a simple and portable utility that enables to split a file into smaller ones with .001, .002, .003, … extension name which can be joined together to a larger file equal to the original one.

MegaSplit works on all Windows platforms. Download it from http://byakugan.altervista.org/ now.

4, 001 File Manager

This portable freeware allows to join the equal sized files which have the extension name of 001, 002, 003, etc to a large file and vice versa. It supports large files up to 8191 PB.

001 File Manager is compatible with all Windows editions. Download it now from http://www.x-squares.com.

5, HJ-Split

This is a portable and multi-platform file splitter and joiner, it supports big files up to 100GB, and works on both Windows( 32-bit and 64-bit ) and Linux systems.

HJ-Split is available on http://www.hjsplit.org/.

6, Arduo File Splitter

Portable Arduo File Splitter is designed to split the huge file/folder into smaller, more translatable ones, you are allowed to specify the dimension of each target chunks. It also allows you to check the integrity of the output file.

Download it now from Softpedia or http://www.arduosoft.com/.

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